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Zatuchni & Associates, Lawyers was founded by David Zatuchni and strives to protect employees from discrimination, sexual harassment, and illegal employment practices in legal battles against big companies. We understand that the only way to get a fair outcome is having access to high-quality legal representation. We represent and ensure the legal rights of employees from Trenton to Newark and all those in between. With years of experience in employment law defending corporate employers who have been charged with labor law violations and employment discrimination, we understand the ins and out of labor employment laws. We ensure that our clients receive the best legal representation in cases ranging from sexual discrimination to whistle-blower protection. Our years of market presence enable us to have a strong case against big companies. We understand their defense strategies and work our case keeping them in mind. We pay attention to the details of each case to ensure a high-quality representation. We work as a team with our clients and keep them in the loop with all important matters. For more details about our services, visit our site at &